Three Right Turns

3RT:6 – The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

This week on 3RT, we’ll be talking about Whiteness. More and more we hear that whites are in trouble in America. They’re facing economically anxiety, they’re depressed, they’re suicidal, they’re resentful. But we’re also told that nearly everything we value in society; democracy, art, science, and philosophy has been largely shaped by white culture. But what does it mean to be white? What is white culture? Does white culture need to be protected and preserved?

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3RT:3 – Ferengi Democrat

The problems of capitalism are legion, and for many, 21st century life in these United States is harder than it should be. Enter socialism! Is it the silver bullet cure for all that ails society? A.Ron once again calls upon his ancient Star Trek fandom, rubbing his lobes and counting his latinum, as he lays out the problems he has with socialism and how the Left struggles to articulate theory and advocate for policy. Also; a listener makes a case for billionaires!

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3RT:1 – Introduction!

Welcome to the first episode of Three Right Turns! Here I make a case for what I want to say on this new platform, and why you might be interested hearing about politics from my point of view. I talk about my cultural, political, and religious background, and how it has informed my beliefs in philosophy in the past down to present day. Then I outline the objectives for 3RT; introducing progressive political and economic ideas and policy to audiences more right-leaning than myself, encouraging political engagement, and refining and sharpening my own belief systems. If you’d like to take me up on any of these offers, please email me at You can also talk things over with us at!

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