3RT:22 – Going Postal, and a discussion with Nova Reid

The Post Office is under attack during a time where we may need it the most. A.Ron explores the validity of claims by Trump that our elections are rigged, and that mail in voting is particularly susceptible to fraud, and discusses what we can do to keep our elections democratic, safe, and fair. Then Nova Reid joins the podcast to discuss her work on anti-racist education and race relations in the UK. Be sure to check out her TED Talk, “Not All Superheros Wear Capes – How You Have the Power to Change the World”!

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3RT:16 – “Walking in the Snow”

Every few months/years, cops beat or kill unarmed Americans, at far higher rates than our partners and allies in developed countries. While this is cause by itself for question and reform, the data also says that black men are at a particularly high risk. Are American cops using unnecessary violence and brutality or are there just a few bad apples making shaky calls in extreme situations? Are our police forces beholden to systemic racism or worse? If so, what do you do about it? Who watches the watchmen?

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3RT:6 – The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

This week on 3RT, we’ll be talking about Whiteness. More and more we hear that whites are in trouble in America. They’re facing economically anxiety, they’re depressed, they’re suicidal, they’re resentful. But we’re also told that nearly everything we value in society; democracy, art, science, and philosophy has been largely shaped by white culture. But what does it mean to be white? What is white culture? Does white culture need to be protected and preserved?

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