Black Lives Matter

3RT:032 – Happy New Year?

We’re just over two weeks into 2021, and it doesn’t seem that we’re fated to reduce our collective anxiety levels any time soon. What happened at the Capitol on January 6th? What can we do about it in the future? What should the Biden administration and congressional Democrats have as their priorities over the next two years? And how does Swizzbold and 3RT plan on covering politics in 2021 and beyond?

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3RT:20 – Y’all Giving Me Homework?! Feedback Episode!

It’s high time for another feedback episode! Listeners chime in on questions, comments, and concerns regarding how to talk with your conservative friends and families, BLM, billionaires, blaxit, and more. Lots of stats, lots of studies, lots of reports to peruse! Links mentioned in this podcast… On “Moral Licensing” Revisionist History Podcast, “The Lady Vanishes”…

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OWT:15 – Small Talks

In this episode of #OWT, A.Ron gives us advice on working on social skills and Cecily gives us tips on how to educate yourself on, and support, the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Then, the discuss emails about workplace documentation and training, conflicting feelings about Father’s Day, and understanding your own sexuality when you’re already in a relationship.

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