3RT:34 – Gun Control with Aiden from Socialism Done Left

America has more guns than people. Our murder and suicide rates are far above our international peers. Can something be done about gun violence and death in America? And if so, what? Aiden from Socialism Done Left (youtube / twitch) joins the podcast once again to share some stats and debate what policies and priorities we should be pursuing in the goal of saving lives and protecting personal freedoms.

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3RT:30 – Court Rebalancing with Aiden from Socialism Done Left

Aiden joins A.Ron to discuss Court Rebalancing. Is the Supreme Court lost to progressives for a generation? What is the cost of such a loss? Is there any way we can fight back? What is legal, what is even possible? We consider several popular suggestions on rebalancing the Court, as well as how we can tactically and strategically achieve this. Bur first, A.Ron gives a pep talk about the current and future defeats of Trumpism.

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