3RT:26 – Ur-Fascism

This week A.Ron goes over a 1995 essay by Umberto Eco, entitled “Ur-Fascism”. What is fascism? What does it look like to be living in a democratic society that is slipping into fascism? What does it feel like? Does 21st century America embody any of the principles of “Ur-Fascism” that Eco outlines in his essay? What can we do to combat these tendencies?

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3RT Covering the Presidential Debate 9/29 @ 9PM!

3RT:26 is postponed to later in the week to make room for live covering the first 2020 Presidential Debate tonight, September 29th, at 9PM eastern. We’ll be going live on Swizzbold’s YouTube channel around 8:45 to get ready. Come watch with A.Ron and the rest of the Swizzbold community as we watch and react live along with the rest of the country.

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3RT:9 – A Lot’s Happening Right Now

Two weeks ago Bernie was in the lead, and everybody was wondering if this corona thing was going to be a big deal. Now the coronavirus is here, Biden has bested Bernie in several important contests, Sanders is almost certainly eliminated as a viable candidate, and our store shelves have been swept clean of toilet paper and hand soap. What the hell happened? A.Ron tries to help people understand the lay of this new world we’re living in, and why we shouldn’t under any circumstances give up or give in.

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