Three Right Turns

Three Right Turns explores progressive politics and policy with an eye towards out reach and explanation to centrists and open minded people of conservative persuasion. Do you feel left behind by the modern culture and economy? Are you alienated by friends, co-workers, and family, or are angry and confused for always feeling like the bad guy? Maybe Three Right Turns can help. Hosted by A.Ron, a former Christian conservative turned secular progressive, this podcast will answer honest questions with straightforward answers without judgment or condescension. Email or tweet @ARonHubbardBM with #3RT to have your questions or comments considered for the show.

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3RT:15 – “Moving Forward” with Corey

A.Ron is joined this week by Corey from the Moving Forward Podcast to talk about Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income proposal from a progressive point of view. Is $1000/month UBI a good deal for the working class, or are they taking pennies on the dollar, and if so, who’s got a better idea than UBI? But first, A.Ron spends a couple minutes talking about the nationwide protests over the murder of George Floyd; why they are happening, what can make things better, and how you can help the victims of police brutality be heard.

3RT:14 – Monkey Business with Bastiat

A.Ron recently had a long conversation with Neoliberal at large Bastiat! Should there be limits to economic power? Does Socialism have a future? Are strong social safety nets compatible with open borders? Does capitalism require never ending growth to function, and is infinite growth possible? Bastiat is a sharp guy with a lot to say, and this was a fun and interesting back and forth that ranges everywhere from Charles Dickens and public executions to Eastern Bloc abortion bans.

3RT:13 – Don’t Blame Me, I Voted Owl

Forever voting for the lesser of two evils sucks. So why not vote third party? A.Ron uses an animal kingdom framework developed in a video by CGP Grey to explain why third parties struggle to get off the ground in America, and discusses strategies of how we can change the system to allow us to vote for a candidate that actually represents us and allow third parties the chance to flourish.

3RT:12 – Global Development with Stefan Lako

Joining me this week is Stefan Lako, the host of the podcast “Is This It?” Much of Stefan’s life has involved service to others. From growing up on a Mercy Ship, to his work to combat child trafficking and sexual abuse around the globe. Today he’s here to talk about some of his unique formative experiences, and share some of the knowledge he’s accumulated from studying International Affairs and Global Development. Questions raised include what is dependency theory, what have we learned from our interactions with less developed nations, what has gone wrong, and how can we be better partners in the future.

3RT:11 – Talking UBI and Economics with Riopublican

Joining A.Ron this episode is Riopublican from the podcast Moving Forward. They discuss why Andrew Yang had somewhat unique crossover populist appeal, the advantages and possible pitfalls of Universal Basic Income, how Democracy Dollars could save American politics from political corruption, and much more. But first, A.Ron talks a little bit about Bernie Sanders retiring from the field, and lays out the ground work for analyzing the pros and cons of supporting a Joe Biden presidential campaign through the lens of harm reduction or accelerationism.

3RT:10 – Be the Picard You Want to See in the World

A.Ron has a conversation with activist/filmmaker/author Ron Dawson, who stakes forth the claim of being his black doppleganger! Ron created a fantastic video using the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Darmok” to explain the concept of privilege. Ron invites us all to unleash our inner Picard to fight against modern injustices and inequality.

3RT:9 – A Lot’s Happening Right Now

Two weeks ago Bernie was in the lead, and everybody was wondering if this corona thing was going to be a big deal. Now the coronavirus is here, Biden has bested Bernie in several important contests, Sanders is almost certainly eliminated as a viable candidate, and our store shelves have been swept clean of toilet paper and hand soap. What the hell happened? A.Ron tries to help people understand the lay of this new world we’re living in, and why we shouldn’t under any circumstances give up or give in.

3RT:8 – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bern

A listener writes in with a dilemma: How can they support politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren when their policy proposals are seemingly so extreme with so little thought and analysis put into them? In an attempt to answer the question, A.Ron does a deep dive into the intuitive, strategic, and empirical arguments for Medicare for All.


The Iowa Democratic Caucus was an embarrassing mess, so let’s talk about it. The caucus process is already weird and complicated, and this year added a poorly conceived app and other irregularities that lead to a lot of heated rhetoric and conspiracy theories. Then a listener asks what you should do when you feel like giving up on politics?