Three Right Turns

Three Right Turns explores progressive politics and policy with an eye towards out reach and explanation to centrists and open minded people of conservative persuasion. Do you feel left behind by the modern culture and economy? Are you alienated by friends, co-workers, and family, or are angry and confused for always feeling like the bad guy? Maybe Three Right Turns can help. Hosted by A.Ron, a former Christian conservative turned secular progressive, this podcast will answer honest questions with straightforward answers without judgment or condescension. Email or tweet @ARonHubbardBM with #3RT to have your questions or comments considered for the show.

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3RT:24 – “Socialist-Curious”

Riopublican from the podcast Moving Forward returns to cross rhetorical swords with A.Ron about the bounds of acceptable discourse, BLM protests, defeating Trump, the merits of socialism and private property, two party realignment, how conservatives and liberals can work together on good policy, and much more.

3RT:23 – Enemy of My Enemy

Corey Cottrell comes back to share thoughts on Kamala Harris as Democratic VP pick, the latest on Trump’s war on the USPS and mail in voting, then we get personal and talk about his recent split from the podcast Moving Forward, our concerns for liberals embracing Project Lincoln, and in what capacities can we work with conservatives towards good faith governance.

3RT:22 – Going Postal, and a discussion with Nova Reid

The Post Office is under attack during a time where we may need it the most. A.Ron explores the validity of claims by Trump that our elections are rigged, and that mail in voting is particularly susceptible to fraud, and discusses what we can do to keep our elections democratic, safe, and fair. Then Nova Reid joins the podcast to discuss her work on anti-racist education and race relations in the UK. Be sure to check out her TED Talk, “Not All Superheros Wear Capes – How You Have the Power to Change the World”!

3RT:21 – Cannon’s Cancel

We examine the phenomenon of “cancel culture” through a historical lens, before looking into the details of two recent examples of attempted cancellations; Lin Manuel Miranda and “Hamilton”, and Nick Cannon’s controversial comments on a recent podcast.

3RT:20 – Y’all Giving Me Homework?! Feedback Episode!

It’s high time for another feedback episode! Listeners chime in on...

3RT:19 – Warlocks from the Ninth Lodge of Hell vs the Sons of Hemlock

A.Ron attempts to distill what he’s learned about how, when, and...

3RT:18 – The Non-Aggression Podcast

Joining me this week is Caleb, the producer of the podcast “A Shot of Truth”, and proprietor of http://Sudo.Science. Caleb will be talking about his personal political journey, which mirrors much of my own, but that has led to him finding answers in Libertarian tenets. What does it mean to be Libertarian in philosophic and political terms, what is the Non-Aggression Principle, and does the existence of billionaires help society? Just a few of the questions we explore this week.

3RT:17 – TERF Wars

JK Rowling published a controversial essay last week that some people labeled transphobic while others hailed it as a a well reasoned defense of women’s rights. There is a movement among feminists that want to push back against what they consider radical redefinition of sex and gender. They call their movement “gender critical”, while their opponents label them “TERFs”, trans exclusionary radical feminists. Gender critics fear trans-friendly legislation may make women more vulnerable to abuse and harm, but how can we balance these fears against the many present dangers facing young transpeople right now? A.Ron has on Nat from the UK to debate the merits of the gender critical movement, and weigh the benefits of trans acceptance against potential harm to women.

3RT:16 – “Walking in the Snow”

Every few months/years, cops beat or kill unarmed Americans, at far higher rates than our partners and allies in developed countries. While this is cause by itself for question and reform, the data also says that black men are at a particularly high risk. Are American cops using unnecessary violence and brutality or are there just a few bad apples making shaky calls in extreme situations? Are our police forces beholden to systemic racism or worse? If so, what do you do about it? Who watches the watchmen?