One Weird Trick!

Hosted ByA.Ron and Cecily

A.Ron and Cecily have been around the block a time or three and have made their share of mistakes. But at the end of the day, everybody wants what we have; a good time where ever we go! Join us for a semi-weekly advice show podcast on life, love, money, careers, relationships, sex, and more. If we get stumped, we’ll call on our friends and fellow travelers from around the globe to get you find the right perspectives on living! Sound good? Email or tweet us #OWT!

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OWT:29 – RevBedPro

A.Ron and Cecily are back for the first episode of 2021! Cecily talks about developing even a moment’s distraction, and A.Ron introduces us to the concept of “revenge bedtime procrastination”. After that, they discuss some feedback.

OWT:28 – Merry Holidays

In this episode, Cecily and A.Ron trade tips for making your holidays the best ever! Some tips include: lights, cookies, music, movies, and specials!

OWT:27 – Hypoxia

In this episode of One Weird Trick, Cecily talks about the...

OWT:26 – Like Neo from The Matrix

On the first anniversary of One Weird Trick: A.Ron talks about personal and collective responsibility, and Cecily talks about asking the right questions.

Then, they discuss feedback from someone with a noisy neighbor, sticking with hobbies, and an update from a friend in a religious crisis.

OWT:25 – Hearts of Fire, Feet of Ice

In our 25th episode of One Weird Trick, Cecily talks about disagreeing to agree, and A.Ron talks about wintertime strategies to keep you warm. Then, they discuss feedback from listeners wanting advice on dating multiple people without being “a player”, advice from a teacher on helping your child learning from home, advice for allistic folks, and getting your parents to go to therapy.

OWT: 24 – Where You End and I Begin

Cecily and A.Ron are back to establish some boundaries and help kids with homework. Then, they get feedback updates on being smart, beautiful, tall and intimidating but trying to make friends & date and feeling less alone in the world with your personal struggles.

OWT: 23 – Erotic Blueprint

This week A.Ron and Cecily are joined by sex therapist Dr. Cynthia Pizzuli! They cover everything and anything sex-related which include cheating, dysfunction, non-sex, encouragement, sex work, finding the erotic in the platonic, Tinder, and meat-cutes at the deli. Then, they discuss feedback on revenge porn and finding a partner/social circle!

OWT:22 – Step-Pickle

Cecily and A.Ron are back with more weird tricks! Cecily talks about mindfulness meditation and A.Ron shares some tips on gaining financial freedom. Then they get an update from a listener as well as a request for handling a sticky situation.

OWT:21 – Womanizer with a Maglite

This week on One Weird Trick, A.Ron talks about amateur therapy...