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In another life, the Swizzbold crew watch a lot of TV / movies, listened to music, and played more than their fair share of games. This is where they come to get it off their chest.

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His Dark Materials – S02E07 – Æsahættr

Cecily and Alexis say goodbye to this season and more in this final episode. It’s was very bittersweet, and managed to wring out some genuine emotion compared to the season before. There is a lot on the line, and we can’t wait to talk about it again next season!

His Dark Materials – S02E06 – Malice

Cecily and Alexis say their goodbyes to their favorite tired joke, ask lots of questions about witches, and get pumped for some action!

His Dark Materials – S02E05 – The Scholar

Cecily and Alexis discuss episode 5 of season 2 of His Dark Materials: sexual tension, many adventures between worlds, daemon chatter…but absolutely NO DENIM!

His Dark Materials – S02E04 – Tower of the Angels

In this episode Cecily and Alexis touch snakes, get pumped for...

His Dark Materials – S02E03 – Theft

In this episode Cecily and Alexis, talk about snakes from trousers...

His Dark Materials – S02E02 – The Cave

In this episode Cecily and Alexis follow the adventures of Lyra...

His Dark Materials – S02E01 – The City of Magpies

Alexis and Cecily watched episode 1 of the second season of...

His Dark Materials – Season 2 Preview

Alexis and Cecily are back for Season 2! They discuss their hopes and fears, where we left everyone in Season 1, and everything they know about the latest upcoming season.

Cinematic Spooktacular IV: Electric Spookaloo

In the fourth annual Cinematic Spooktacular, Cecily and A.Ron bring you a light, medium, and big-time spook selection.

This year, they reviewed:
Jennifer’s Body
I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House
The Autopsy of Jane Doe
The Love Witch