OWT:7 – Micro-hangs

A.Ron catches us up on his attempts to keep in touch with his friends, and Cecily extols the virtues of not washing your hair.
Then, they give some advice to neighbors who are trying to avoid bible study in an otherwise happy life; what to do with your life; an update on the royals; how to be unassuming when people make lots of assumptions; an update on holiday depression; and more advice on finding a new therapist.

Some articles “Look Who’s Coming to…” wanted to share with us all about Meghan and Harry’s decision to strike out on their own. “Meghan Markle and British racism: What her saga says to black Britons” by Alexander Smith, NBCNEWS. And that one time Princess Michael of Kent Wore a Super Racist Brooch for lunch with Meghan, as reported by the BBC.

Helpy Helperson was neighborly enough to share a resource for finding a potential therapist you’d match well with. Thanks, Helpy!