OWT:12 – Ready Player Two

In this episode of One Weird Trick, Cecily talks about sharing interests with your partner and helping them feel seen and understood, then A.Ron makes some suggestions about games to play in quarantine.

To find the affirmation deck that Cecily uses, look here: https://knockknockstuff.com/products/affirmators-50-affirmation-cards-help-help-without-self-helpy-ness

Here is a list of the games A.Ron recommended for singles, couples, and families looking to play games with other people while cooped up! Single-player “co-op”: The Witness, Portal, Oxen Free, Transistor, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Life is Strange. Multi-player co-op: Pokemon Go!, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Portal 2. 4-player “good for families” games: Any Lego Game, Little Big Planet, Castle Crashers, Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time, Overcooked. Buddy F#@$ers: New Super Mario Brothers, Mario World 3D, Rayman Legends, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Helldivers

You can see some family gameplay of A.Ron and his boy playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Cecily and A.Ron demonstrating the fine art of buddy f%*$king!