OWT:2 – Council of Tigers

Cecily and A.Ron are back to discuss the idea of a potential secular non-religion modeled on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Then they offer advice on exploring different kinds of relationships, anchor babies, navigating middle management, supporting friends through domestic abuse and carrying mothers through depression.

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OWT:1 – Introduction!

Welcome to One Weird Trick, a podcast about life, love, jobs, kids, and more! Cecily and A.Ron introduce themselves and talk about their unique histories and life experiences as well as talk about what OWT is all about. Then, we offer some advice on a few tricky situations; how to deal with meddling co-workers and losing one’s religion. We’ll be back in two weeks for more thoughts to share. Looking for some advice?

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Announcing One Weird Trick!

A.Ron and Cecily have been around the block a time or three and have made their share of mistakes. But at the end of the day, everybody wants what we have; a good time where ever we go! Join us for a semi-weekly advice show podcast on life, love, money, careers, relationships, sex, and more. If we get stumped, we’ll call on our friends and fellow travelers from around the globe to get you find the right perspectives on living! Sound good? Email or tweet us #OWT!

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