OWT:7 – Micro-hangs

A.Ron catches us up on his attempts to keep in touch with his friends, and Cecily extols the virtues of not washing your hair.
Then, they give some advice to neighbors who are trying to avoid bible study in an otherwise happy life; what to do with your life; an update on the royals; how to be unassuming when people make lots of assumptions; an update on holiday depression; and more advice on finding a new therapist.

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OWT:6 – These Buttons are HOT

In this episode, A.Ron discusses how men can make women feel safer in spaces, Cecily discusses complicated feelings about celebrities passing, and they both denounce crime. They also offer advice on finding new friends, moving on from old friends, and long-distance relationships.

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OWT:1 – Introduction!

Welcome to One Weird Trick, a podcast about life, love, jobs, kids, and more! Cecily and A.Ron introduce themselves and talk about their unique histories and life experiences as well as talk about what OWT is all about. Then, we offer some advice on a few tricky situations; how to deal with meddling co-workers and losing one’s religion. We’ll be back in two weeks for more thoughts to share. Looking for some advice?

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