3RT:36 – Hailing Frequencies Open with BJ from S. Carolina

“How do I talk with my more conservative friends and family?” is the number one question I get asked on this show. It’s also something I’ve thought a lot about, because I have a LOT of conservative friends and family! While my batting record is far from 1.000, I’ve had some successes here and there. Today I talk with a former Trump supporter and disillusioned right leaning individual from South Carolina, who has a lot of questions, like… how can I trust the democrats will do any better? Why should I care about policies for people worse off than me when I don’t feel secure myself? What if helping others makes me fear that I’ll be worse off? Let’s see if I can build some bridges and common ground and try to get us on the same page, or at least reading from the same book!

Props to BJ for being willing to come on the show and have the conversation! Also, if you want even more 3RT, check out my recent appearance on the Hippy Dippy Roundtable! We discussed killing the filibuster, the threat of white supremacist groups, diversity training, wealth taxes, and the cancellation of Pepe Le Pew with a panel of people ranging from arch-conservatives all the way to commie! Be sure to sub to our channel at youtube.com/swizzbold if you want to keep up with the latest in live streams and videos!