3RT:29 – Election 2020 Mythbusting

Congratulations, America! We dodged the authoritarian bullet for four more years. It was a close race, perhaps closer than we were hoping for, and maybe we’ll be tempted to be disappointed in the outcome. After all, even if we take Joe Biden’s win as a repudiation of Trump, we lost ground in the House and will have to work overtime in Georgia to potentially take the Senate in a tie. But is that a fair way to look at things? A.Ron engages in some post-election myth-busting to separate fact and fiction from the coverage of the 2020 elections. Should we see 2020 as a disappointment? Did Joe Biden steal the election? Can we trust polls and advanced data modeling? Should we worry about the democrats losing support among key minority demographics? All these myths and more will be put to the test!

Beware the Thumb!