3RT:16 – “Walking in the Snow”

Every few months/years, cops beat or kill unarmed Americans, at far higher rates than our partners and allies in developed countries. While this is cause by itself for question and reform, the data also says that black men are at a particularly high risk. Are American cops using unnecessary violence and brutality or are there just a few bad apples making shaky calls in extreme situations? Are our police forces beholden to systemic racism or worse? If so, what do you do about it? Who watches the watchmen?

Lots of people need help out there right now. If you’d like to help support your local protesters, there is a comprehensive list of bail funds organized by state and community so you can give to hotspots or help support your local community.

You can also give to George Floyd’s family memorial fund. All money goes to cover funeral and burial costs; counseling services; legal fees; and continued care for his children. You can also give directly to George Floyd’s daughter, Gianna’s, GoFundMe.

Finally you can also help the family of Breonna Taylor with their legal fees and support.

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