3RT:033 – Diamond Hands with Jim!

Podcast producer and host Jim Jones breaks his 3RT silence by joining me to try and separate math from myth when it comes to Game Stop. Game Stop (GSE) has been living the classic “rags to riches to rags to maybe riches to almost certain rags” story in the stock market and on social media this past week. What’s going on? Has the financial Davids finally gotten one over on the Wall Street Goliaths? Is this kind of investing sound? How does shorting stocks work? How can you make money when a company’s value falls? Is this chaos a problem, have crimes been committed, and what if anything can or should be done about it? We’ll try to provide some answers, and some context.

If you agree with us that there are multiple reasons to investigate everything involved for manipulation and fraud, then you should know how to get in touch with your senators and representatives, to let them know this is an important issue. You may also consider filing an SEC complaint or join a class action against certain app developers or firms if you have been impacted in all this. Invest responsibly, and like consult the opinions of experts before engaging in any long term investment strategy!