3RT:18 – The Non-Aggression Podcast

Joining me this week is Caleb, the producer of the podcast “A Shot of Truth”, and proprietor of http://Sudo.Science. Caleb will be talking about his personal political journey, which mirrors much of my own, but that has led to him finding answers in Libertarian tenets. What does it mean to be Libertarian in philosophic and political terms, what is the Non-Aggression Principle, and does the existence of billionaires help society? Just a few of the questions we explore this week.

Please, if you haven’t already, check your voter registration status at vote411.org and use it to get registered, and find your polling place and other election details you’ll need well before November rolls around. Don’t get caught napping and get yourself disenfranchised! That’s what the forces of apathy and despair are counting on!