Month: March 2021

3RT:36 – Hailing Frequencies Open with BJ from S. Carolina

“How do I talk with my more conservative friends and family?” is the number one question I get asked on this show. It’s also something I’ve thought a lot about, because I have a LOT of conservative friends and family! While my batting record is far from 1.000, I’ve had some successes here and there. Today I talk with a former Trump supporter and disillusioned right leaning individual from South Carolina, who has a lot of questions, like… how can I trust the democrats will do any better? Why should I care about policies for people worse off than me when I don’t feel secure myself? What if helping others makes me fear that I’ll be worse off? Let’s see if I can build some bridges and common ground and try to get us on the same page, or at least reading from the same book!

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3RT:35 – The Wrong Kind of Kindness

We’re almost to Joe Biden’s 50th day as President. In this short period of time, there have been some important victories, but there’s also been a fair share of disappointment. Do these setbacks mean electoral politics has failed yet again? Is it really as some fear, that the two parties in the US are the same? If so, how do we move politicians left? How can we be more politically effective? How can we keep our eyes on the long term prize and not give in to political despair, cynicism, and apathy? In this episode we talk about $2000 Covid-relief checks, the $15 minimum wage, problems on our southern border, and airstrikes in Syria.

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