Month: August 2020

OWT:20 – Wet A** Podcast

This week, Cecily talks about the various forms of consent and A.Ron talks about slip-sliding into happy sex – with the proper lubrication, of course.

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3RT:23 – Enemy of My Enemy

Corey Cottrell comes back to share thoughts on Kamala Harris as Democratic VP pick, the latest on Trump’s war on the USPS and mail in voting, then we get personal and talk about his recent split from the podcast Moving Forward, our concerns for liberals embracing Project Lincoln, and in what capacities can we work with conservatives towards good faith governance.

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OWT:19 – The Jackal and the Giraffe

In the 19th episode of One Weird Trick, A.Ron talks about the basis of good relationships with your sexual partner, and Cecily talks about positive affirmations and how they can improve your mental outlook.

Then, they discuss feedback from an employee facing a high-risk Covid work situation, updates on surviving conversion therapy, a listener’s weird trick on nonviolent communication, and having your kids do chores when the standards are high.

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3RT:22 – Going Postal, and a discussion with Nova Reid

The Post Office is under attack during a time where we may need it the most. A.Ron explores the validity of claims by Trump that our elections are rigged, and that mail in voting is particularly susceptible to fraud, and discusses what we can do to keep our elections democratic, safe, and fair. Then Nova Reid joins the podcast to discuss her work on anti-racist education and race relations in the UK. Be sure to check out her TED Talk, “Not All Superheros Wear Capes – How You Have the Power to Change the World”!

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