Month: April 2020

3RT:12 – Global Development with Stefan Lako

Joining me this week is Stefan Lako, the host of the podcast “Is This It?” Much of Stefan’s life has involved service to others. From growing up on a Mercy Ship, to his work to combat child trafficking and sexual abuse around the globe. Today he’s here to talk about some of his unique formative experiences, and share some of the knowledge he’s accumulated from studying International Affairs and Global Development. Questions raised include what is dependency theory, what have we learned from our interactions with less developed nations, what has gone wrong, and how can we be better partners in the future.

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OWT:11 – Vanguardians of Sex!

A.Ron discusses the concept of intermittent fasting, and Cecily talks about recognizing, reaching, and retreating from your saturation point.

The listeners also write in with suggestions for help with our past topic on procrastination, being open about your sex life without your family and friends judging, and an asexual talks about their unique experience with the world.

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3RT:11 – Talking UBI and Economics with Riopublican

Joining A.Ron this episode is Riopublican from the podcast Moving Forward. They discuss why Andrew Yang had somewhat unique crossover populist appeal, the advantages and possible pitfalls of Universal Basic Income, how Democracy Dollars could save American politics from political corruption, and much more. But first, A.Ron talks a little bit about Bernie Sanders retiring from the field, and lays out the ground work for analyzing the pros and cons of supporting a Joe Biden presidential campaign through the lens of harm reduction or accelerationism.

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OWT:10 – Pro-crastinators

In our 10th episode of One Weird Trick, Cecily fights the fight-or-flight reflex in order to feed-and-breed, and A.Ron tries fighting procrastination with the help of IBSR.

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