Month: January 2020

OWT:5 – Battle of the Flexes

In this episode of One Weird Trick, A.Ron puts the rap game in a chokehold by discussing Cardi B’s hustle; and Cecily encourages everyone to find meaningful friendships. They offer advice on managing anger in yourself and others, continuing traditions for your children, wielding happiness responsibly, and finding a good therapist.

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3RT:5 – Looking Through the Overton Window

In this podcast, I recount the time I accidentally played a minor role in starting and discovered the power of the Overton Window.

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OWT:4 – The AristoCATS

New Year, New Tricks! Cecily and A.Ron discuss traditions over resolutions in the new year. They also discuss the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s big announcement (hint: it’s not a baby this time) as well as the definitive and only Cats movie you should be watching.

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